Organic Rooibos Tea
Biologischer Anbau

100% Organic Rooibos Tea certified to European Standards EU-003

Rooibos in a tin Super Export & Vanilla Rooibos Tea
in a Tin

Rooibos Tea with real Madagascan cut Vanilla. Not just flavours. Tins contain 100 gr Export Grade / Vanilla Rooibos Tea. Your practical refill box, or a small present for a friend

Kalahari Tea
Rooibos with African Spices

Rooibos Tea flavoured with African Spices. A scent of the Kalahari.

Agulhas Tea
Rooibos with Vanilla

Now available in Tea Bags this Rooibos Tea with real Madagascan cut Vanilla comes in new design and practical Bags. Note the tea is Not just flavoured, but contains premium choice Madagscan cut  Vanilla. Each Bag contains 40 Tea Bags / Sachets a 2,5 g.

Honeybush Tins

Honeybush Tea
in a tin

Rich in taste, Honeybush tea has its own fresh, flowery bouquet. Something every Tea Drinker has to try. Tins contain 250 gr.Artistic Design. Your practical refill box, if not a present for a friend.

Honeybush Tea
in Sachets (Bags) and loose tea

Rich in taste, this Honeyush tea

Rich in taste, this Honeybush tea is available as loose tea and tea bags.

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