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Rooibos - nature´s own health drink

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Rooibos is a unique natural product with no additives and plenty of healthy minerals and vitamins. In fact it´s hard to believe that something that tastes to good can actually be so good for you too.

Rooibos for the baby

Many a mother has discovered Rooibos as the ideal remedy for colic. A little Rooibos tea added to milk or the milk formula, soothes irritated babies and makes for a peaceful night’s sleep. Rooibos also stimulates the development of milk in the breasts and passes on minerals and vitamins to the baby either through the milk or through the blood during pregnancy. Gentle application of cold Rooibos also clears skin and nappy rashes.

Rooibos for the child

Rooibos also contains fluoride - an element essential for good teeth development in children. Rooibos has also been medically proven to prevent and cure acne and other skin disorders.

Rooibos for the adult

As one gets older, the benefits of Rooibos are even more apparent. It can be enjoyed throughout the day and late in the evenings - even as a night-cap - without causing stimulation or poor sleeping habits. Rooibos also improves the absorption of iron, stabilises enzyme changes as one ages and stabilises mineral deficiencies.

Rooibos for the sportsman

Apart from serving as an excellent thirstquencher, Rooibos helps sportsmen maintain their fitness level. And after a tough workout, a refreshing cup of Rooibos helps rejuvenate tired, aching bodies. More and more people these days are drinking Rooibos Tea as it fits in with their health conscious lifestyles. Many well-known sportsmen and -women (such as Gary Player) regard Rooibos Tea as a necessary part of their diet.

Rooibos for the businessman and -woman

Unlike most other hot beverages, Rooibos contains no caffeine and very little tannin. So it’s the ideal drink for the office where large quantities can be drunk without creating tension, stress and other ‘executive’ related disorders.

Drink Rooibos - doctor´s orders

All over the world, doctors are discovering the wholesome properties of Rooibos. Recommended for ailments such as allergies, indigestion, insomnia, cramps, nervous tension and many others, the minerals and vitamins in Rooibos make it the tea that has much more than just good taste to offer.

Keep trim and slim with Rooibos

Rooibos is the perfect supplement to your diet. Rooibos even helps to stabilise weight without the aid of a diet. Quite often the urge to eat is caused by the strain and tension created by dieting. Rooibos, unlike other teas, has a calming effect on the central nervous system - thus reducing the urge to eat. And Rooibos also has a unique ´saturation´ effect on the body - it fills you without depriving your system of the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Natural economy with Rooibos

Compared to the price of other teas, Rooibos offers exceptional value for money. But it’s when you realise the versatility of this unique South African product that the economy of Rooibos becomes so obvious. It tastes like no other tea, and it’s available at a price that no other tea can match. No wonder Rooibos is everybody’s favourite cup of tea.